playable prototype
click here
to play
how to play

movement: arrow keys (up = northeast), or W/A/S/D

rotation: Delete/End keys, or Q/E

zoom: PgUp/PgDown

interaction: Return/Enter

menu: Escape key

O: toggle orthographic/perspective camera

C: create floor, V: create "hinge", G: toggle "hinge" rotation on/off

B: create "wall", N: destroy, Z: leave create mode

R: create "clone", T: activate "clone", [ ]: switch "clone"

download prototype

Cubrick is currently available to download as a playable prototype somewhere around the "alpha" stage of development. This means it is not finished, it definitely contains bugs, and it may set your kids on fire or neuter your cat1.

In other words: Use it at your own risk.

In other other words: Please feel free to try the game, and try to break the game, and let me know what you think, and of course what breaks, including as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing. Please send all comments, questions, bugs, suggestions, etc, to

Thanks for playing, and enjoy!

Download for Android  

You'll need to enable downloads from unknown sources, then download the APK and install it. Controls: touch the corners, sides, and top and bottom of the screen to move, rotate, and zoom (respectively). To interact with switches, or toggle current player, briefly touch the center of the screen. To open the menu, touch & hold the center of the screen, or touch the back button.

Download for Windows  

Just unzip all files and run "cubrick.exe". See the enclosed readme.txt file for further details. Works great with an Xbox 360 controller in Steam's Big Picture mode ;)

Download for Linux  

Includes 32-bit and 64-bit binaries. See Unity's blog post on linux support, as well as the enclosed README for details on configuring resolution and fullscreen mode. Only tested under Ubuntu 13.04, so your mileage may vary...

Both iOS and Mac OSX versions should be available once I get my hands on a decent Mac to compile it.

1 Just kidding, it won't actually set your kids on fire. However, safety to cats has not been determined conclusively.

about the game

Cubrick is a minimal, meditative, 3D exploration puzzle game that challenges your perception and spatial reasoning. The challenge lies not in finding the correct path, but simply finding the path. Rotate and zoom your perspective to grasp the layout of the maze - at least until it starts moving...

There are no time limits, no high scores, no enemies, and no jumping (or the attendant falling to your "death" when you miss a jump). No starting over, and over, and over again, until you make that jump, or time that combo, or whack that mole before it whacks you. Cubrick is about slowing down...

Includes the ability to create/modify levels from within the game itself (and ultimately share your creations with other players).

Current status

Cubrick has been in development intermittently since June 2013. I've implemented most of the mechanics, visuals, audio, interface, and cross-platform cloud sync functionality (including the ability to sync between platforms: save your progress in the desktop client, and pick up where you left off on your Android or iOS phone or tablet).

Release date is currently unknown. I plan to sell the game on the Google Play store for Android devices, as well as a desktop version. An iOS version should be released shortly after. Pricing should be very inexpensive, in line with most casual games.

Buy once, play anywhere?

My goal is to enable you to pay only once for the game, and get a copy of the game for each available platform, so that you can play anywhere... but this may not be feasible due to the way the Google and Apple app stores allow developers to grant licenses to users.